How exciting! Our first post.

“The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there.”

Every journey begins with a step, and this is our first post documenting a journey we hope many of you will join us on. Being the first post, it only seems appropriate to introduce ourselves. Chase here joined by my wife Victoria, our 8-year-old daughter Kendal and 6-year-old son Sloan. We currently live a very typical middle class suburban lifestyle in northern Kentucky near Louisville. We live in a neighborhood of cookie cutter 3-4 bedroom/2-3 bath houses with golf course manicured lawns and, of course, the obligatory HOA. Kendal and Sloan attend public school and Victoria and I both have good jobs with large stable companies. We have two cars in the garage and a Yorkie-Poo named Pepper. Typical suburbanites probably very much like yourself and/or many of your family and friends.

That is where we start our story but, as you have probably already gathered, we are taking the first steps in making some significant changes in our lifestyle. In our next post we will share more about what prompted Victoria and I to decide to leave “normal” behind and embark on this new path. I would be willing to bet many of you will be able to relate to the observations and thoughts that brought us to this choice. Going forward from there we will share our experiences, stories, resources and lessons learned along the way. You will join us as we transition to a more healthy, self reliant and sustainable lifestyle. It is going to be quite an adventure and hopefully you will find it informative, entertaining, and perhaps even inspirational.

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