EViation Alice Makes Electric Flight A Reality

“Aviation is proof that, given the will, we have the capacity to achieve the impossible.”  – Eddie Rickenbacker

EViation Aircraft made a splash this week at the 52nd Paris Airshow where they unveiled the Alice, an all-electric plane that can carry 9 passengers and 2 crew up to 800 miles. With a stated goal to “pioneer accessible, sustainable air travel that can power the future of regional transit”, EViation is poised to stage a major market disruption.

At just over 39 feet in length with a 44 foot wing span, the Alice is 300 times more efficient than comparable conventional aircraft thanks in part to it’s ultra light weight fully composite construction and optimally efficient aerodynamic design. A Li-lon 980 kWh power pack provides juice for the main pusher prop at the tail and a pusher prop at each of the wingtips that propel the plane along at a 240 knot cruising speed. This translates to a 33 minute flight from Martha’s Vineyard to Boston, a 2 hour flight time from Silicon Valley to San Diego, and a 2.5 hour flight from Nashville to Orlando.

Not only do these stats mean good things for passengers and the environment, the operators will benefit from the lower energy and reduced maintenance costs, while low noise and zero emissions enable such electrically powered planes to operate from landing strips close to urban areas. “With this aircraft, air taxi operators will be able to serve customers on-demand travel [to] the nearest landing strip for the price of a train ticket,” said CEO Bar-Yohai.